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Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun
High performance, well-balanced spray gun with separate flow and pattern controls. 100 ml nylon cup and 1 mm nozzle. High atomisation with low nozzle air pressure. Saves paint and ...
25,90 €*
Tool Box
Tool Box with 4 compartments and side-mounted handles. Details: 2 drawers, inside dimensions 565 x 255 x 40 mm, 1 drawer, inside dimensions 565 x 255 x 70 mm, 1 large storage compa...
177,90 €*
Welders Chipping Hammer
Features pointed end and chisel end. Sprung handle prevents kickback. ...
6,90 €*
Heavy Duty Side Cutter NWS FantasticoPlus, Finish 69
Heavy Duty Lever Side Cutter NWS FantasticoPlus with finish 69 (TitanFinish - PTFE plastic coated, SoftGripp multi-component handles). The proven NWS quality ensures a long service...
27,90 €*
Damaged Screw Extractor Set + Bit-Set - 13 pieces
13 pieces damaged screw extractor set + bit set made from S2 steel. Set contents: 6 left threaded screw extractors, - 3 x conical from 3 - 14 mm, - 3 x cylindric 2 - 3.2 - 4.2 mm, ...
13,90 €*
Insulated Cable Knife
Insulated cable knife with slip protection. Details: with hanging hole, ergonomically shaped handle with slip protection...
13,90 €*
Air Line Filter Regulator
Provides clean, dry, regulated compressed air. Prevents costly damage to air tools caused by scale, rust and moisture. Simple installation means minimum downtime. 1/4" BSP female t...
17,90 €*
Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter
Heavy duty magnet that attracts ferrous metal. Releases by fingertip pull on the release bar to drop where required. Details: Lifting capacity: 7 kg...
8,90 €*
Electronic Brake Fluid Tester
Electronic Brake Fluid Tester, determines the percentage of water in the brake fluid quickly and easily. Details: immediate indication of the results via diodes:, green=< 1,5% wate...
15,90 €*
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