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Car Battery- and Alternator-Tester

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Car Battery- and Alternator-Tester
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Battery and Alternator Tester
  • for fault diagnosis of 12V battery and charging systems
  • easy to use, just connect and check indicator lights
  • LED's are electronically controlled
  • 3 LED's for battery test: LED red = battery empty or defective; LED yellow = battery OK; LED green = battery very good
  • 3 more LED's for alternator test: LED green = charging system OK; LED yellow = charging system OK (maximum charging voltage); LED red = charging system is not OK (it may damage the battery and other parts of the electric system)
Brand: BGS
Item Number: 46-002189
Manufacturer Number: 2189
EAN: 4026947021898
Weight: approx. 80 g
alternator test, alternator measurement, car voltage gauge, 12V KFZ Batterie-Tester Prüfer Lichtmaschine testen prüfen Ladesystem-Testgerät

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