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Folding Rule, 1 m
White plastic folding rule with 10 segments. Total length 1 m. ...
5,90 €
3,90 €*
Digital Clamp Meter
Digital clamp meter with 8 ranges. Large LCD display, continuity buzzer and hold button. Measures AC current without contact up to 1000 A with easy clamp operation. Measures AC/DC ...
14,90 €*
Vernier Expert Caliper
Stainless steel vernier caliper resolution 0 - 150 x 0.02mm. 4-way measurement: internal, external, depth and step. Details: Capacity: 0 - 150 mm, 0.02 mm steps...
19,90 €*
Air Condition Service Device Pressure Gauge
Air Condition Pressure Gauge - Replacement for defective gauges on air condition service devices; can also be used for diagnosis without service devices. Details: includes high- an...
74,90 €
37,90 €*
Stainless steel with brass locking nut. Dual marked from 0 - 180º in 1º increments. Details: Arm: 150 mm, Gauge: 65 mm, Marked from 0 - 180º in 1º increments...
7,90 €
4,90 €*
Feeler Gauge, 26 Leaves
Combination leaf feeler gauge accurately measures gaps between components. Hardened and polished carbon steel. Leaves clearly marked with sizes. Details: 26 Leaves, Sizes: 0,051 - ...
6,90 €
3,90 €*
Flexible Ruler, 200 mm
The ruler is flexible and enables measurement of bent edges. With hanging hole. Details: Length: 200 mm...
4,90 €*
3-in-1 Soil Tester
Solar-powered soil tester, invaluable for gardeners to determine pH levels (acid/alkaline) and moisture content of the soil, as well as light intensity. Easy-to-read dial gauge and...
7,90 €
4,90 €*
Self-Levelling Laser Level Kit
Self-levelling mounting system ensures accurate set-up. Laser head can be rotated through 360° to allow continuous level to be taken. Cross and line laser projects vertically and h...
61,90 €
31,90 €*
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