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Drill Gauge, 1 - 13 mm
Gauge for measuring twist drills and other small items. Etched graduations. Details: Material: stainless steel...
5,90 €*
Ultrasonic Leak Detector for Gas-, Air- and Water-Tanks
Ultrasonic leak detector with visual and audible indication for gas-, air- and water-tanks, for a reliable detection of leaks in closed, pressurized and non-pressurized pressure an...
78,90 €*
Screw Pitch Gauge Combination
Accurately measures internal and external metric and whitworth threads. Details: 52 leaves, Leaves: 0.25 mm - 6 mm and 4 - 62 BSW...
6,90 €*
Precision Vernier Caliper - 0-150 mm
Precision Vernier Caliper - 0-150 mm. Details: chrome plated, nonius 1/20 mm, for internal- / external- / depth-measurement, measurement range: 0-150 mm, in synthetic leather walle...
13,90 €*
Engineers Square, 200 mm
Engineers square with durable hardened stainless steel blade. Precision ground for maximum accuracy. Details: Lenght: 200 mm, Precision ground...
9,90 €*
Digital Protractor
Digital Protractor - 3 in 1: protractor, dopmeter and level Details: extra large LCD display with backlight, beeper will sound at: 0° , 10° , 20° , 30° , 40° , 50° , 60° , 70° , 80...
75,90 €*
Luggage Scale with Measuring Tape
Scale with handle and hook, as well as an integrated measuring tape. An important tool for business and leisure travel: avoid airlines high overweight fees by checking your luggage...
6,90 €*
Car Electricity Tester
Car electricity tester with 900 mm insulated cable and earth clip. Insulated piercing contact point with protective screw cap. Details: Cable lenght: 900 mm, 6 - 24 V...
5,90 €*
Telescopic Aluminium Level Staff
Extends from 1.22 m to 5 m, for use with optical levels (e.g. model number 67-633665). Durable extruded aluminium construction with automatic locking buttons. E-graduation 1 cm on ...
51,90 €*
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