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Bicycle Chain Cleaning Tool-Set, 3-pieces

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Bicycle Chain Cleaning Tool-Set, 3-pieces
Bürsten - Bicycle Chain Cleaning Tool-Set, 3-pieces
Anwendungsbeispiel - Bicycle Chain Cleaning Tool-Set, 3-pieces
Bicycle Chain Cleaning Tool-Set, 3-pieces
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Easy-to-use ABS chain-cleaning device with 6 rotating brushes. Tough nylon bristles scrub chains deep between the links.
Can be used with solvents and degreasers. Compatible with 7, 8, 9 and 10-speed gear systems.
Clean your bicycle chain effortlessly and clean, without the need to remove the chain from the bicycle. The set includes a cassette cleaning scraper and brush.
Manufacturer Number: 455400
EAN: 5024763121944
Weight: approx. 216 g
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