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Brake Maintenance and Assembly Tool Set, 15 pieces

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Brake Maintenance and Assembly Tool Set, 15 pieces
Detailansicht - Brake Maintenance and Assembly Tool Set, 15 pieces
Brake Maintenance and Assembly Tool Set, 15 pieces
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Comprehensive, 15 pieces universal brake maintenance and assembly tool set in a handy carrying case.
  • Brake spring pliers with movable claw for riveted and glued brake linings
  • Brake spring pliers for installing and removing the brake shoe recuperating spring on riveted brake linings
  • Brake calliper brush for removal of brake dust and dirt from the brake calliper
  • Brass Brake Calliper Brush for cleaning aluminium brake callipers - Soft brass bristles facilitate damage-free cleaning
  • Special tool for brakes for installing and removing spring plates and the holding device of brake linings on drum brakes, e.g. on VW, Seat, Skoda, Opel and Renault with rear drum brakes
  • Brake calliper file, extra slim style (width 10 mm), especially appropriate for Japanese vehicles, for removal of brake dust, rust and dirt from the brake calliper
  • Brake line flare nut wrench for screwed connections on brake lines at the front and rear axle, Straight slot with 10x11 6-point
  • Assembly tool for installing and removing the draw spring of hand brake shoes, e.g. on MERCEDES-BENZ passenger cars with rear disc brakesas well as on VW LT since 1997
  • Brake spring installer for pressure spring of the parking brake
  • Brake cable pliers for removing and replacing the hand brake cable. The Pliers compress the return springs that far that the cable can be easily removed and replaced.
Brand: BGS
Item Number: 46-001818
Manufacturer Number: 1818
EAN: 4026947018188
Weight: approx. 2.8 kg
brake maintenance, brake repair, brake disassembly, Bremseninstandsetzung Bremsen reparieren warten Reparatur Montagesatz Werkzeug

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