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Oil Changing Can with Nozzle - 40 Liter
High quality, mobile oil changing can with nozzle, suitable for cars and motorcycles. For collecting fluids, such as e.g. engine, transmission, rear axle oils and coolant fluids. ...
€ 68,90*
Claw for Car Body Alignment, 120 mm
Claw for Car Body Alignment, 120 mm, for one direction, up to 5 t pulling power. Details:...
€ 113,90*
Suspension Tool Kit - 39 pieces
39 pieces Suspension Tool Kit. Details:...
€ 162,90*
Antifreeze Tester
Prevent expensive damages at your car's engine in the winter. Compact and simple to use measurement tool with a measurement range down to -40°C. Suitable for liquids with glycol as...
€ 4,90*
Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge
Suitable for cars and light commercial vehicles. Displays bar or psi. On switch and auto switch off. Details:...
€ 11,90*
Adaptor Set for Common Rail Diagnostics Kit 46-008101
Adaptors to be used on common rail injector nozzles together with common rail diagnostics kit 46-008101. The addaptors fit all systems such as Siemens, Bosch, Denso etc....
€ 40,90*
Nylon Strap Wrench
Various applicable strap wrench made from high end nylon, self adjusting with non-slip rubber coated double strengthened strap. Details:...
€ 6,90*
Wiper Arm Puller VW & Porsche
This special wiper arm puller for VW and Porsche allows easy and damage free dismantling of wiper arms. It is suitable for VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and other SUV. Details:...
€ 20,90*
Terminal Tool Set, multi-brand, 12 pieces
Terminal Tool Set, multi-brand Delivery in plastic case with foam. Details:...
€ 79,90*
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