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Motorcycle Spoke Wrench
Forged and chrome plated wire spoke wrench with 4 notchs, suitable for 6.3 - 5.6 - 5.0 - 4.5 mm wire spokes....
€ 5,90*
Diesel Engine Compression Testing Kit, 16 pieces
Use to identify worn valves and piston rings. Includes adaptors for most diesel cars, trucks and tractors. Easy to read dial gives an accurate measurement of individual cylinder pr...
€ 117,90*
Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 6 t
Compact, but nevertheless powerful hydraulic bottle jack. The car jack has a screw-adjustable lifting saddle. Delivery is made including a handy carrying case. Details:...
€ 27,90*
Dent Removal Tool Set, 8-pieces
For the removal of dents in a car's body without damaging the finish. Ideal for removing small dents and damaging e.g. caused by hail. Various head types:...
€ 153,90*
Adapter Set for BGS Air Brake Bleeder
Adapter Set with quick coupling for the BGS Air Brake Bleeder, item number 46-008315. Inluding adapter for european (compressed air) coupling. Includes:...
€ 129,90*
Piston Ring Pliers
Nickel-plated carbon steel for corrosion resistance and comfortable vinyl-dipped handles. Sprung mechanism for fine control. Installs and removes piston rings up to 6.3 mm - withou...
€ 5,90*
SW-STAHL Gewindereparatursortiment
Gewindereparatursortiment in der Größe M5, M6 oder M8. Bitte geben Sie die gewünschte Größe bei der Bestellung an! Ein Set besteht aus:...
€ 59,90*
Digital Tire Depth Gauge, 0-28 mm
Digital Tire Depth Gauge, 0-28 mm. Details:...
€ 10,90*
Motorcycle Wheel Axle Special Socket, 17 - 19 - 22 - 24 mm
Motorcycle special wheel axle socket with 10 mm (3/8") Drive. 17 - 19 - 22 - 24 mm Details:...
€ 11,90*
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